Tell Me Something Good

Every Tuesday I tell you about the good things that are going on with me and you share what’s good in your world.

Here’s My Good News:

Back to School!

Back to School!

  1. The Kids Are Back to School!  OK, Rylee is back to school.  Henry goes back to nursery school next week.  Last year I cried; this year it was more like, “Yay!” Fortunately, Rylee is more excited to return to school since we found out the boy who teased her last year is in a different class.  BIG TIME YAY!!!!!!  I’m looking forward to a year without tears for either of us.   If you would like to read my Kleenex clenching post from last year, here it is: Good Night Sweet Baby/ Good Morning Little Girl
  1. My insomnia is cured!  Why?  Because I started lifting weights again yesterday.  I put the kids to bed at 8pm and by 8:15pm I was out.  It was fabulous.

That’s my good news.  What’s yours?

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11 responses to “Tell Me Something Good

  1. I’m loving all the back-to-school posts I’ve been seeing. I’m a few years off from having to send my son to school, but I can imagine the bittersweetness of that moment! Yay for mommy time during the day again! Haha. Hmm…. my good news is that my husband and I are adopting a second time. 🙂 Hopefully. If everything goes smoothly this time. … P.S. – love your blog!

  2. Lisa, did you ever experience insomnia while training? Reason why I ask is because since I started with the bodybuilding, I tend to struggle to sleep. I had to start taking Melatonin.
    My something good: I am losing weight and toning nicely. Otherwise, my son is growing up and I can have some pretty cool conversations with him these days.

    • Congrats on toning up and having cool conversations with your son – those are the best! As to your insomnia question – I always have insomnia unless it’s leg day. (I’ve had this since my teens.) If it is new to you it might be due to any number of reasons. Are you working out in the evenings? This might cause you to be more alert. Are you taking supplements? Some of them have stimulants like caffein in them. Sometimes just switching up your diet and exercise routine will confuse your body’s time clock. Hope you get a good night’s sleep!

      • Hi there. Thanks for replying. I train in the mornings. I don’t take stimulants later than 12pm in the day as I am super sensitive. I have insomnia since I started this bb journey.

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