Rapunzel Balls?

This little bit of information was so weird I just had to post it.  First, a little back story.

I was training with Katie from the team and our coach Mel when they were laughing about a photo bomb in Katie’s progress pics.  Katie is in her show prep for the Texas State Naturals in November, so she has to take weekly progress pics in her bikini and send them to our coach.  Normally, these pictures are done in the privacy of our homes, but as Katie was on vacation, she did a selfie in the locker room of the gym she had a visitor’s pass to.  Unbeknownst to her, there was a completely naked woman hanging out in the background.  Oops.

Somehow that led to a discussion about how Mel’s male clients used to complain about all the senior citizens in the men’s locker room who used to stand with their leg on the sink and blow dry their balls.

Yeah.  You read that right.

So Katie and I were both like, “REALLY?”  Mel said she didn’t realize how widespread this situation was until her husband texted her this comic:



So, of course I had ask my husband about it too and he confirmed it as well.  Soooo….What’s up with that guys?  How long is your hair that a towel isn’t sufficient to dry it?  Or is the blow dryer for the warmth?  Wouldn’t something like, I don’t know, clothes help with that?  LOL!

How about you?  Have you heard about any weird things going on in the gym locker rooms?

Lisa ;)

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