Iron Maidens

Sometimes women in their late 40’s and 50’s send me emails stating how they discouraged they are:  They’ve gained weight after menopause even though they are eating exactly the same as they always have; their metabolism has slowed down; their go-to diets and exercise routines are suddenly not working for them anymore.  They begin to resign themselves to the fact that they will never be fit again because they’re too old.

Well, never say never.

Here are some ladies defying the odds and growing better with age.  These are the Iron Maidens.

Liese Scott

Liese Scott, age 51

Liese Scott, age 51

Liese started figure competitions four years ago and has been in ten shows.  My friend, Obedia, introduced us.  Obedia said she saw Liese workout at the gym and thought, “I want to look like her!”  No wonder.  Liese’s physique rivals the body of any woman in her 20’s.  She won 1st Place (on her 51st birthday!!!) at the 2012 Texas Shredder Classic in the Masters Figure 45+ division.  She recently won her pro card.

“Don’t ever limit yourself because of age, gender or physical ability.  It upsets me to hear that women feel they can’t do something.  We’re a lot stronger than we think we are.”

Elizabeth Kirkwood

In her day job she is a manager, but at almost 57 years old she is an inspiration to her employees.  I met her at the Texas Shredder through Rosie Miller, a woman who did booty camp with our team a few times and took posing lessons with my trainer, Melissa Coker.  Rosie said, “Elizabeth inspires me everyday.  I mean, look at her!”  Elizabeth competes (and wins) in the Women’s Open Bodybuilding division.

I happened to be wearing a tank top that said, “Moms Kick Butt” and Elizabeth said, “I have six grandkids.  You should make a shirt that says, ‘Nana Kicks Butt’!  I love bodybuilding.  I’m gong to be 60 and still doing this.”

Rosie Miller and Elizabeth Kirkwood

Rosie Miller and Elizabeth Kirkwood

Kelli Brown

Kelli has four kids and was stressed out.  Although fit and 49 years old, she felt the need to be challenged so she signed up for her first competition as a birthday gift to herself.

“I had to change my whole diet and use nutrition to take me to the next level.”  Her advice to women over 40 considering bodybuilding for the first time?  “Don’t do it alone.  I got a personal trainer, Jeff Erickson, who’s very stern and doesn’t take my crap,” she laughed.

Kelli Brown with trainer Jeff Erickson

Kelli Brown with trainer Jeff Erickson

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories.  You inspire me to continue going to the gym!

How about you?  Do you know an Iron Maiden?  Send me her story and she may be featured in this blog!

Lisa ;) (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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