Becoming an Action Hero Ninja Zombie Chaser

Remember how last time I wrote that I wanted to be a Bond Girl?  (It’s ok – you can read it here:  I Want to be a Bond Girl).  Well, now I decided I want to be an superhero.Action HeroDid you know that Wonder Woman is supposed to be a Brazilian princess?  My kids have all these comic books now so I’m catching up on all the back stories.  I think Wonder Woman got totally gypped on her special powers.  Superman can fly; Spiderman can climb skyscrapers; Wonder Woman has to fly an invisible plane.  And if the plane is invisible 1) how can she find it and 2) why can’t people see her being the pilot?

Ok, scratch that action hero thing.  I want to be a Ninja.  Have you been watching American Ninja Warrior?  Those people are BAD ASS!  Here is a video clip in case you missed it:

That’s incredible athletic ability.  Kudos, Ninjas!  I’m not ready for that kind of craziness, but I have signed up for the Zombie Run.

How about you?  Who’s your fitness inspiration?

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5 responses to “Becoming an Action Hero Ninja Zombie Chaser

  1. LOVE Ninja Warrior!!! Watch the original, SO much better than the American version. Are you going to build some crazy-ass stuff in your back yard to train for Ninja Warrior?

  2. We were watching it last night. When they gave an overview of the 3rd phase/level, we couldn’t imagine how anyone could conquer that. How do they hang on to those doors???

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