Tell Me Something Good

Happy pre-hump day!  Here’s where I tell you my good news and you tell me yours.

Here’s What’s Making Me Happy:

  • #GenerationIron is going to be shown in Austin, TX!  Pumping Iron was the documentary that introduced Arnold Schwarznegger and the world of bodybuilding to the general public thirty years ago.  Generation Iron was made following the current bodybuilding icons (Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren) as they prepared for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition.  I can’t wait to see this.  Here is the trailer:
  • My website is getting an upgrade!  Some companies that are related to fitness/nutrition/bodybuilding are interested in putting advertisements on my blog.  Unlike Facebook, where random advertisements for products I don’t know/support will appear on my page and I make nothing, on my blog I will actually have full control.  I’ll only have ads from companies whose products I use and endorse and I’ll get a small fee…so I can buy more of their products…Nice!

    Get ready to dance

    Get ready to dance

  • Signed up for dance classes to start prepping for the Fitness Division.  The fitness competition requires a two minute dance/gymnastics routine with strength moves. Those of you who read my blog know the following things:  1) I don’t know gymnastics, 2) I can’t dance, and 3) I got no game.  But I will fix that!  The name of the class I joined was “Chair Tease” because that sounded way more fun than “Beginning Ballet.”  Plus, it gave me a reason to bust out the knee socks.

How about you?  What’s your good news?

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3 responses to “Tell Me Something Good

  1. You don’t want to know what came to mind when I read chair tease 🙂
    I too want to see that movie with all my might. Can’t wait till it premieres here in South Africa.
    Something good from my side: Read today’s post 😉

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