Pop Quiz – Nicknames

I hate cardio at the gym.  Why?  Because it’s boring.  To remedy this dire situation I make up nicknames for the people working out around me.   Here are some current ones:

  • Mr. Zumba.  Mr. Zumba thinks it’s still 1985 and he was really, really into Richard Simmons.  He kinda makes me giggle.



  • Angry treadmill woman.  Angry treadmill woman hates me and I’m not sure why.  At first I thought, “of course she’s angry – the only thing she ever uses at the gym is the treadmill,” but then I saw her totally smile and have a conversation with someone the other day.  When I say “hi” or do that half wave thing you do when you go on a machine next to someone, she always looks like I farted on her best yoga outfit.



  • What’s in Your Wallet?  I call him this because he looks like a viking from the Capital One commercials.viking

Ok, fess up.  I know I’m not the only one who nicknames people.  Who’s in your gym?


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6 responses to “Pop Quiz – Nicknames

  1. LOL. I have one for the guys who build big muscles in their upper bodies and have thin legs with no muscle. It’s the “Look at me! Look at me!” guy. Because he always flexes his arms in the mirrors after each set of arm training.

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