Pop Quiz: Movie Night

Pop Quiz:  What’s your favorite sports movie?

A)  Rocky III (the one with Mr. T)Rocky III

B)  Dirty DancingDirty Dancing

C)  Field of DreamsField of Dreams

D) Pumping IronPumping Iron

E) Lisa, Dirty Dancing isn’t a real sports movie, it’s a chick flick.  Dancing, while athletic, isn’t a sport.  How about a football movie with chick flick elements like The Blind Side?The Blind Side

Answer:  Rocky III

How about you?  What’s your favorite sports movie?  Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa ;)

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4 responses to “Pop Quiz: Movie Night

  1. Bull Durham, We are Marshall, Ali is far superior to anything with Rocky in the title (and Rocky actually got an Oscar or 2 I believe), Major League, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, The Program, Any Given Sunday (highly underrated but a really good movie), Friday Night Lights, Without Limits, Chariots of Fire, Breaking Away, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Natural, A League of Their Own, The Rookie, Angels in the Outfield, Hoosiers, Blue Chips, and The Sandlot are great sports movies I can name off the top of my head. I think my favorite is Without Limits and Waterboy is a very close second.

    • I forgot about Bull Durham – that was really funny. I saw Major League, Tin Cup, Chariots of Fire, The Natural, A League of Their Own and Hoosiers when I was younger but don’t remember much about them. Will have to re-watch. Thanks!

  2. Rocky IV, with the Russian (I love me some Dolph Lundgren, way back when)!!! We made the kids watch all the Rocky movies & they argue with us that Rocky isn’t real. (We know it’s a fictional character) But we always tell them he’s real, just because he’s so “human” he could be any average Joe. We are even having a Rocky themed wedding! Hence my fb profile pic:) But I have to say, Dirty Dancing is right there with it! I could quote every line from it. I was totally in love with Patrick Swayze forever!!!

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