Do I Have a Cold or Allergies?

Sorry I haven’t written much over the weekend.  We had a ton of family activities and today I feel like a mack truck hit me.  But now I’m a little confused if I have a cold or allergies.  Or both.  OK all you webMD’s out there.  Here are the facts:

My nose is runny, I’m congested, my body is achy, my throat is sore, I’m tired, and my eyes are itchy.

Relevant factors:

  • The weather changed.  It was like 100 degrees and then last week it dropped to the mid 50’s at night.  At first I was excited about this because it gives me a reason to go shopping for sweaters, but now my body is a little confused.
  • We went to, not one, but two Halloween parties on Saturday.  (I don’t think I got anything from people at the party.  I was just excited to be invited to two parties and wanted to tell someone about it.)
  • Booty camp was held outside yesterday.
  • I was surrounded by little people.  No, not midgets.  I volunteered at the Fall Festival at my son’s school helping toddlers and preschoolers paint pumpkins for two hours, and I also volunteered to be the parent helper at my daughter’s Sunday school class.  I seriously don’t know how teachers survive those little germ fests.  There are runny noses everywhere!
  • My husband mowed the lawn yesterday.
  • Rylee had a little fever last week, but she didn’t have any symptoms beyond the fever and she is fine now.  (Note:  I don’t have a fever.)

Now since I don’t want this post to be all about me (that’s just rude) I’ve included this nifty table from WebMD so you can check your own symptoms if you are in a similar conundrum.  Tissues

Difference Between Cold & Allergy Symptoms –





three-14 days

Days to months — as long as you are exposed to the allergen

Time of Year

Most often in the winter, but possible at any time

Any time of the year — although the appearance of some allergens are seasonal

Onset of symptoms

Symptoms take a few days to appear after infection with the virus.

Symptoms can begin immediately after exposure to the allergen
















Itchy, watery eyes



Sore throat



Runny or stuffy nose

Often; usually yellow mucus

Often; usually clear mucus

So what’s your diagnosis?  Are you battling cold and allergies too?

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4 responses to “Do I Have a Cold or Allergies?

  1. Sounds like a cold but good news is a lot of meds that treat one, cover both since symptoms can be so similar (mucinex being one brand that I had to use all last week!). Hope you feel better!

  2. It’s definitely a cold for me. I’ve never had allergy issues, so the answer for me is usually an easy one – Unless I have to determine whether it’s a bad cold or the flu. Apparently the two are similar which I didn’t realize until I looked it up.

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