Do You Bully Yourself?

In the latest interview in W magazine, Katy Perry says, “People talk about bullying, but you can be your own bully in some ways. You can be the person who is standing in the way of your success, and that was the case for me. I was having a great professional streak, but personally, I was really immature, so I had to balance those things out.”


I think that’s the case for a lot of people.  I know that I’ve personally said things about myself, to myself, that I would never have said about another person; it would have been too mean.  Also, in many instances it would have not been true.  We are our own worst critics at times.

The next time you start beating yourself up, stop it!  Even if you mess up you deserve a second chance.  Figure out where you messed up so you can make some changes and start over.  If you need a little pep talk, read this:  What Would You Tell A Friend Who Wants to Quit?

How about you?  Do you bully yourself?

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