Progress Pic – Off Season

Busted, busted, I can’t be trusted!  It’s not that I don’t follow my meal plan – I actually do eat all 6 meals – it’s just that I also like to supplement those meals with potato chips and cupcakes.  Doh!  So now my trainer, Mel, wants me to start taking weekly progress pics again to hold myself accountable and stay motivated during the off season.

So here is my first Off Season pic:Off season.10-25-13 It’s tough staying focused on clean eating when my next competition (Texas Shredder) is six months away, but I think progress pics will help.  I won’t post them every week, but I will threaten myself with it if I’m falling off track into an ice cream truck again.

How about you?  How do you stay motivated?

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22 responses to “Progress Pic – Off Season

  1. I stay motivated for holistic health — body, mind, and spirit — by thinking of it as a gift; not only to myself, but to my husband and son as well. If I take preventive care now, the chance is greatly diminished that I will need elder care when I’m a little old lady (who can still kick butt and take names)…

  2. I fell off the wagon and ate a Donut. It was amazing. But I have a meal prep session that is coming up and a schedule so I wont fall off the wagon again.

    • Aw, thanks 🙂 The main thing is that I was falling back into bad habits and I don’t want to go back to that yo-yo nonsense. I’ve been eating clean for almost two years now and want to make sure I stay consistent.

  3. You look great! It’s good to know that someone that looks so great still falls off the wagon from time to time

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