Mission Accomplished

November is the perfect month to remember all the things we are grateful for.  It’s also the perfect time to ditch the Halloween candy (so now you can all stop sending me email reminders!)  We were able to accomplish both missions by participating in Operation Gratitude.

Little Henry and Rylee Brianna on Halloween

Little Henry and Rylee Brianna on Halloween

The kids took their Halloween candy to a participating dentist.  (I let them keep five pieces as a parting gift.)  The dentist weighed the candy, and for each pound they were given one dollar back.  They had three (3) pounds of candy – yikes!!

Some cold, hard cash for candy.  Yes!

Some cold, hard cash for candy. Yes!

The candy now goes to soldiers oversees in care packages, my kids have some spending cash for Christmas shopping, and I got three (3) pounds of candy out of my house!  Talk about a win-win-win situation.

Bye candy!

Bye candy!

The kids wrote a letter to the soldiers to go with the candy, thanking them for protecting us.  I think that’s the best win – learning how to say “thank you” and how to share.

Thank you, Soldiers

Thank you, Soldiers

If you would like your kids to participate in the program, click here:  Operation Gratitude.  (I believe the buy-back portion of the program ends tomorrow, but they will still accept candy donations and letters.)

What sorts of things do you do to show gratitude?

Lisa ;)

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6 responses to “Mission Accomplished

  1. Thanks for putting the candy to good use! Two of our sons served in Iraq (during the really bloody days) and were always glad to get candy from home (and they really didn’t care what kind).

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