The 50 Sexiest Athletes Alive

Happy Friday ya’ll.  Let’s start this weekend right with a little eye candy.  Business Insider made a list of the 50 Sexiest Athletes Alive.  They wrote an article and stuff, explaining their rationale behind the rankings, but honestly, I just looked at the pictures.  These are my…

Top 5 Thoughts “reading” The Sexiest Athletes Alive:

Tom Brady - only #3?  Really?

Tom Brady – only #3? Really?

  1. What is this Business Insider website, and why have I just discovered it now?
  2. Tom Brady is only #3?  Really?

    #49 Tally Hally

    #49 Tally Hally

  3. Who is this guy? and remind me to start watching soccer….
  4. What is an MMA Fighter?  And isn’t she worried about busting up her face?
    #17 Ronda Rousey

    #17 Ronda Rousey

    5.  The more photos I see, the more I realize what a great game football is.

    Adrian Peterson

    Adrian Peterson

    How about you?  Who do you think the sexiest athlete alive is?  (I vote for Tom Brady.)

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