Tell Me Something Good

Happy Tuesday!  I haven’t done this for awhile.  I tell you something good that happened to me and you tell me something good that’s going on with you.

Here’s my good news:

  • My husband is home!!!  He had a boys weekend with some of his buddies from San Diego.  He was gone just long enough for me to miss him 😉

    Honey, I'm home!

    Honey, I’m home!  (Carolyn Poe Photography)

  • My gymnastics coach, Terek, said (this is a direct quote):  “I’m slightly impressed with you today.”  Whoo hoo!!!
  • Having fun destroying things at work.  Today we ripped out carpet from the unit we are renovating.  Yesterday it was grouting floor tile, which is actually pretty hard on the knees.

How about you?  What’s your good news?

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10 responses to “Tell Me Something Good

  1. Yesterday I was interviewed by a local newspaper for my seasonal soup recipe, and tomorrow I’m cooking LIVE on tv with my homemade, gluten-free chicken nugget recipe. It’s been a little fun here lately.

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